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Urad dal and rice / cream of rice (rice suji) in a ratio of 1:2
1 tsp of fenugreek seeds
Pinch of baking powder

Blender/wet grinder
Idly stand and a vessel with tight lid (suitable to fit idly stand) [the traditional process]
Or a microwave proof Idli stand


Soak urad dal in just enough water overnight or for at least 4 to 6 hours.
Drain the water and keep the drained water aside.
Grind the dal into silky smooth batter. To get the medium tight consistency, add the drained water kept aside, as needed to the batter,while grinding. Remove the batter in a vessel.
Grind the rice and add (or add directly if you are using ravva) and mix thoroughly without any lumps.
Keep it covered, for overnight fermentation (at least 6hours) in a warm place. By morning, the batter will be doubled in volume. Stir in salt and baking powder. Consistency of batter must be medium, not too tight or too watery. Add water if necessary.

Cooking Process:
Traditional Method:
In a big vessel (fit to id…

The Gunpowder Recipe

Molahai podi/Molagai podi/Idli Karam Podi /Gunpowder spice - Lentil spice mix


Visit any "authentic and unanglicised" South Indian household and 80% chance that you will get Dosai / Idli with molahai podi, or what we commonly know as Chutney powder or Gun Powder. I like the term Gun Powder more. In response to one of my recent status updates on FB (facebook for the uninitiated) a few weeks back, "Idli with gunpowder for breakfast - yummy and heavenly", got lot of queries and responses, ranging from outright envy to queries on what this is about. And above all that, a lady requested me to put up a recipe for Idli and the Gunpowder. Referred by some as molagai podi or gun powder, this potent spice, lentil mix is drool worthy as a paste with oil / ghee or sprinkled over curds. I also like it with my ghee rice - with green chilli (bengali style).

Below are two recipes - one for dosa / uthapas and other for idlis. However, one option can suffice both "appli…