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Tangy Potato Veggie Salad

Oindrilla (Jia) is a little fussy about taste and has indicated she does not like the mayonnaise in salads and neither does she like the cheesy versions. I presume that she is not very keen to eat veggies at all and that too raw as she needs to exercise her jaws and she is a little of a lazy bone when it comes to eating!! So tried this version of a salad (a little similar to aloo kabli - an extremely popular bengali road side snack).

You will need:
A large sized potato, boiled and beeled
A medium / small onion chopped
Beans - a small bunch, chopped
Capsicum - a small one, chopped (small to medium pieces)
Carrots - thin slivers
Green Peas - a handful
Corriander leaves - chopped
Lemon juice - 1 tsp
Chat Masala (if available)

Making it:
Take the carrots, beans, capsicum, onion in a small microwave proof bowl. Add a little salt and water. Cook it on high heat for about 2 mins. (In case you are averse to using a microwave, boil water in a pan, drop the veggies (mentioned…

Cheese Sandwich

You will need:
Slices of breadCheese sliceKetchupButter (in case you want to grill)
Making the Sandwiches
Take the bread slices and remove the edges (kids find it difficult to eat as it is hard. And if you are making a snack to be eaten later, more the reason to remove)Put ketchup on the both the slices and spread nicelyPut a cheese slice and close the sandwichIn case you want to provide grilled sandwich, apply butter on the external surface of both slices and grill it. (Note: Grilling renders the sandwiches a little hard and difficult to chew in case it is to be consumed later)

Experimenting with Jia's Palate!

All parents of today are often at wits end to provide wholesome as well as "interesting" foods to their kids. This gets amplified as kids are smarter and brighter and aware of choices. Me & D, as parents, are no exceptions. And Jia is one hell of a gourmet as she has distinct taste preferences and that is topped with a rigid decisiveness!! So we often do lot of experimentations with regular food. This gave growth to an idea that lets put up the various trials (& tribulations??) on the recipe blog which can provide a good resource for parents all over.

Bringing up Jia for the last 3 years has given us a huge repertoire of recipes and hence difficult to put it all together. So the easiest way to start would be cataloguing the recipes as per the snack menu that we follow for her school. And the recipes for each would be coming progressively!

Monday: Sandwiches (Cheese, Egg)
Tuesday: Parathas (Aloo, Gobi, Onion, Aloo Gobi)
Wednesday: Salad (Cheese, My Style, Potato Mix)