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Stir Fried Fish in Oyster Sauce

During our monthly grocery stock replenishment, we generally pick up a pack of the frozen Basa fish pieces. This generally comes in handy to make a nice oriental sauce based dish with noodles / fried rice during the weekends or when someone is home for dinner.

One of my culinary guides had once advised that in a chinese / oriental restaurant, always preferably pick up a dish in a dark / black sauce and avoid the red sauce dishes since it is mainly based on red chilly paste. Also I have found dark / black sauce based dishes to be more tasty and tastier. This preference made me pick up a bottle of nice oyster sauce during my last trip to a SE Asian country and I had been wanting to make something out of it. And hence the dinner menu during the last weekend was fish stir fried in oyster sauce.

The Ingredients:
Basa Fish piecesOnions - I prefer cut into squaresGreen Pepper (to make it colourful you can also add red & yellow bell pepper)Red Chilly - Dried, bout 2-3, broken into 2Ginger - …

Sattu Parathas


Filling:Sattu (roasted chickpea flour)Chopped Onions & gingerGreen ChilliesChopped corriander leavesMustard Oil (try using a little oil from any spicy pickle, preferably chilli / mango)ParathaWhole wheat flour2 tbsp oilSaltWarm waterProcess: 1. Using the ingredients listed under "Paratha", make the dough. Add salt and the oil to the flour and mix it nicely to get a fine crumble texture. Add luke warm water and knead the dough to make it into a medium soft consistency. Divide the dough into equal portions for making the parathas
2. Filling: Mix all the ingredients under "Filling" and make a nice mix. Add a little warm water and mix to make a soft dough. Taste the mix for adjusting.
3. Take each roundel of the flour dough, make a cavity for the paratha filling. Stuff the filling and roll out into circular parathas.

4. Make the parathas on a non-stick flat pan (tawa) and serve hot with a dollop of ghee and pickle on the side. I prefer a mango or a chilli p…