Stir Fried Fish in Oyster Sauce

During our monthly grocery stock replenishment, we generally pick up a pack of the frozen Basa fish pieces. This generally comes in handy to make a nice oriental sauce based dish with noodles / fried rice during the weekends or when someone is home for dinner.

One of my culinary guides had once advised that in a chinese / oriental restaurant, always preferably pick up a dish in a dark / black sauce and avoid the red sauce dishes since it is mainly based on red chilly paste. Also I have found dark / black sauce based dishes to be more tasty and tastier. This preference made me pick up a bottle of nice oyster sauce during my last trip to a SE Asian country and I had been wanting to make something out of it. And hence the dinner menu during the last weekend was fish stir fried in oyster sauce.

The Ingredients:

  • Basa Fish pieces
  • Onions - I prefer cut into squares
  • Green Pepper (to make it colourful you can also add red & yellow bell pepper)
  • Red Chilly - Dried, bout 2-3, broken into 2
  • Ginger - cut into thin, long juliennes
  • Garlic - about 4-5, sliced
  • Green Chillies - About 2-3, sliced longitudinally
  • Corn Flour
  • Salt
  • White oil (I use rice bran oil and it goes fine)
  • White pepper powder
  • Oyster Sauce

The Making:

Sprinkle salt, white pepper on the fish and smear it nicely. I added a spoon of ginger garlic paste to add a twist. Keep it aside for about 15 mins.

Add about 2 tbsp of corn flour on the marinated fish and mix it well.

In a pan, add oil (enough to deep fry the fishes), heat it to smoking and add the fishes. Dont add more than 3 - 4 at a time. Overcrowding will spoil the fish and may also break them.

Take them out on a paper towel to drain out the excess oil.

In the pan, add about 2 tbsp of oil. Once heated up, add the red chillies. Add the ginger and garlic and let them fry for about about 2 mins. 

Add the onion, peppers and the green chillies and toss them till soft and glazed.

Add the fish pieces to the pan and mix it well. After about 3-4 mins of tossing together, add the oyster sauce and mix well. Do not turn too much and allow it to cook and immerse in the sauce.

Once done, serve with noodles / rice. We used a thin rice noodles tossed with burnt ginger-garlic, onions, carrot, capsicum and cabbage.


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