1. Welcome to the world of chocolates!!! Today we are going to start with the basic chocolate slab. This has originated from the picturesque hill station of Ooty, which is famous for its “ Home-made chocolates”, the world over. During this session, you will learn the preparation of the basic chocolate slab and also another method by which you can use a substitute and can get equally good chocolates for use at home. Additionally, we will also learn two kinds of dough, which can be put to a variety of uses by you and your creative mind.

Material Required.

(a) Two aluminium vessels, one bigger than the other.
(b) Rounded big spoon.
(c) Palette knives – 4” to 6”
(d) Spatula
(e) 15” rectangular Formica board.
(f) Moulds
(g) Butter paper.
(h) Aluminium foil.

Setting. Fill the moulds and refrigerate your chocolates for ½ an hour. Unmould thereafter, and then keep in the refrigerator for 5 to 6 hours

1. Ingredients.

(a) Icing Sugar… … 200gms
(b) Cocoa powder… … 50gms
(c) Milk powder… … 50gms
(d) Cocoa butter… … 150gms

2. Method. Mix all the dry ingredients and sieve it thrice. Take a pan of hot water and put a smaller pan over it to float over the hot water. Put cocoa butter; cover and leave it on heat for 10 to 15 mins. Then mix in the dry ingredients and keep on stirring in one direction. Remove it onto a board ,and keep on mixing till it comes down to room temp. Thereafter put into moulds and allow to set or set it like a slab.

3. Variation. Add a handful of chopped cashew and raisins to get fruit & nut chocolates.


1. Ingredients.
(a) Dalda… … … 100gms
(b) Drinking Chocolate… 200gms
(c) Cocoa… … … ½ tsp
(d) Coffee Powder… … 1 tsp

2. Method. Mix all the dry ingredients well. Melt the dalda and mix it little by little to the dry ingredients. Mix it well. Mix the dalda till you get a dipping consistency.


1. Cashew Centres.
a. Powdered Sugar… … … 1 ½ cups
b. Powdered cashewnuts … 1 ½ cups
c. Milk… … … … 1 Tbsp
d. Vanilla essence… … … ½ tsp

Method. Mix everything together and make a soft dough. Make different shapes and dip in chocolate. Take out with a fork. Drop on a grease–proof paper. Allow to set. When semi-set, make an impression with the back of a fork.

2. Nut Chocolate. Mix cashew nuts in the above chocolate batter. Spread grease-proof paper in bigger moulds. Pour the mixture and set in slabs.

3. Fruit Chocolate. Mix raisins in the above chocolate batter to get fruit chocolate.

4. Pista Chocolate. Mix Pista seed and Pista essence in the above chocolate batter for pista chocolate.

5. Date Chocolate. Dip date squares in the chocolate batter for date chocolates.

6. Crunchy Chocolates. Take any sugar-based chikki and powder it roughly and add to the batter for crunchy chocolates.

7. Chocolate Biscuits. Dip MARIE biscuits in this batter, and for parties, write the names of children in white, on top of each biscuit.

8. Milk Chocolate. For milk chocolates, mix 03 tbsps of milk powder in the beginning.


a. Icing Sugar… … … 5 tbsp
b. Milk Powder… … … 2 tbsp
c. Chocolate Powder… … 2 tbsp
d. Cocoa Powder… … … 1 tbsp
e. Melted Dalda.. … … 2 tbsp
f. Lime juice.. … … … 2 drops

Method. Sieve the chocolate powder, milk powder and icing sugar. Pour into a dish and hold over a double boiler. Mix in the melted dalda, lime juice and a little water. Make a firm dough for coating. Hold the dough spread like a chapati. Put the centres and close from all sides. Allow to set for 2 to 3 hrs.

1. Flavour Centre.
a. Icing Sugar… … … 1 ½ tbsp
b. Milk Powder… … … 1 ½ tbsp
c. Colour and essence… … Few drops

Method. Mix the milk, icing sugar, colour, essence and a liyyle water. Make a firm dough. Divide the dough into small balls. Dry for 5 to 6 hrs and coat with chocolates.

2. Coconut Centre.
(a) Coconut Powder… … … 4 tbsp
(b) Milk Powder… … … 1 tbsp
(c) Icing Sugar… … … ½ tbsp

Method. Mix everything and make a firm dough with water. Make any shapes and coat with chocolate.

3. Coffee Centre.
(a) Icing Sugar… … … 1 ½ tbsp
(b) Milk Powder… … … 1 tbsp
(c) Coffee Powder… … … 1 tbsp

Method. Mix everything and make firm dough with water. Make desired shapes and dry for 5 to 6 hrs and coat with chocolate.

4. Nuts & Cherry Centre.
(a) Tutti-Frutti(chopped)… … 1 tbsp
(b) Cashew/Almonds(chopped) 1 tbsp
(c) Icing Sugar… … … 1 tbsp
(d) Milk Powder… … … 1 tbsp

Method. Mix the powders and then mix in the chopped nuts and fruits and make a firm dough with a little water. Shape as desired. Dry for 5 to 6 hours and coat with chocolate.

5. Liqueur Centre.
(a) Icing Sugar… … … 3 tbsp
(b) Milk Powder… … … 1 tbsp
(c) Cocoa Powder … … 1 tbsp

Method. Mix the dry ingredients. Make a dough, using Rum / Brandy / Liqueur, instead of water. Make it into small balls and dry for 5 to 6 hrs. Coat it with chocolate.

(a) Icing Sugar… … … 2 tbsp
(b) Milk Powder.. … … 1 tbsp
(c) Chocolate Powder… … 3 tbsp
(d) Cocoa… … … … 1 tbsp

Methods. Sieve the ingredients and thereafter make a firm dough with water. Press into a rubber mould. Allow to dry & set.


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