Steamed crescent shaped stuffed dumplings, are almost synonymous with the cuisine of the north east.
150 grams of fine plain flour Water

Filling (Vegetarian)
100 grams of frozen chopped spinach, cooked and drained well Salt and pepper (to taste)100 grams of grated cheddar cheeseGrated nutmeg (to taste)

Filling (Non vegetarian)
100 grams of chopped meat (lamb, beef, or pork).
2 to 3 finely chopped big onions
20 grams of vegetable oil
Freshly chopped coriander
Chopped ginger and garlic
Soya sauce and vegetable oil to bind the ingredients
Salt and pepper

1. Mix the flour with lukewarm (not hot) water to make a dough. Knead well and set aside.
2. Mix all 'filling' ingredients together in a mixing bowl.
3. Roll the dough evenly until it is about 2mm thick.
4. Cut the dough into circles of about 3 inches (7.5 cm) in diameter.
5. Sprinkle work surface with a little fine flour to prevent the dough from sticking to the rolling pin.
6. Holding one circle of dough in your palm, put a heated teaspoon-full of 'filling' mixture into the circle and fold over into a crescent or semi-circle. Seal the dough tightly by pinching the edges.
7. Arrange the stuffed sealed momos in a steamer (oiled if the steamer is metal). Steam for 15 minutes for Vegetarian Momos and 20 for Non Vegetarian Momos.
8. Keep an eye on the water level. Make sure the water is boiling hard throughout the steaming time, but do not let the water touch the momos.
9. Serve hot.
10. Experiment with different fillings of your choice: cold mashed potato, grated carrot and other root vegetables, left over rice etc.


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