Noodles - My style

Kheema (mince meat) - 200 gms approx
Noodles - 2 packets (I use Ching's Egg Noodles)
Eggs - 2
Carrots - 1 Medium sized; Sliced and cut into strips (thick slivers)
Onions - 1 Large, medium to thin sliced
French Beans - a handful (about 80 gms), sliced into diagonal, long pieces
Capsicum / Peppers - 2 medium sized
Cabbage: Thinly sliced
Ginger: 1/2 inch, choped into long strips (slivers)
Garlic: 7-8 large cloves, cut into small to large pieces
Soya beans (Nutrela) - a handful (Optional). Boiled and kept aside.

Soya Sauce (Chanced upon a new Malaysian product and quite impressed with the taste and aroma)
Schezwan paste / Chinese Paste (optional) (This one's courtesy my brother in law who frequently goes to China on business trips and gets me spices from there. I cant make head or tail about the ingredients, except that it is vegetarian and it tastes great!)

Black Pepper

Note: For those who loves meat, add some sausages and bacon strips. For a sinful delight, use the bacon strips on the dry pan first to use the bacon fat in lieu of oil!!

1. Boil enough water in a large pan. Once the water come to boil, add the noodles and boil it further till the noodles loses the firmness. Drain it with a collander (large sieve) and wash it well with cold water. Drain the water completely and add two tbsp oil and black pepper powder; toss it well and keep aside.

2. Beat the eggs, with a little salt and pepper and fry it in the pan, stirring it frequently. Once well fried into chunks, take it and keep it aside.

3. Add oil (keep it a little less). Once the oil heats up, add garlic and ginger (Keep the flame at low / medium). After about 30 seconds, add the meat. Let it cook for about 2-3 minutes. Add the onions. After about 2 minutes, add the beans. After another 2-3 mintues add the carrots. Add salt as per taste.

4. When the veggies seems to have softened, add the Schezwan / Chinese paste. Add soya sauce and vinegar and keep the flame at high. after about a minute add the cabbage and pepper (capsicum). Let them fry for about 1-2 minutes. Lower the flame. This is to keep the pepper and cabbage a little crunchy and fresh. Inspired by a fellow blogger The Knife (an amazing foodie and food blogger). You may also try The Knife's Recipe 1 and Recipe 2 for noodles. Interesting work of art!!

5. Add the eggs and noodles and mix well. Raise the heat to full and let it fry for 4-5 minutes tossing it occiasionaly so that the entire mix gets fried well. (I like the little burnt taste and smell of a noodle and hence do this).

6. Serve it with a quick fix Chilly Chicken dish (again inspired by The Knife)! I loved the way the dish turned out when I made it with a little modification. I add pieces of capsicum.

Enjoy. This gets quite a thumbs up from my daughter and wife, both discerning eaters (daughter more)!!


Ranita said…
Sounds and looks yummy! I will definitely try this recipe.
The knife said…
Thanks for sharing this Amitabha. I love experimenting with sauces and pastes too. Whatever little I have seen in the Far East seems to indicate that the locals put in a fair amount of sauces into their Hokkein Mees. Very different from the noodles in widpw's garbs that we get here

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